Please Make Sure Your Dancer's Contact & Medical Information Is Up To Date!

This includes contacts, emergency contacts, allergies/medications and medical concerns.  Items of note to review also include class and tshirt sizes.  They are not auto populated.  IT IS IMPERATIVE to have the contact and emergency contact information.  We would like to be prepared in the event of any circumstance. All information is valid and of note.

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The studio has two main events, The Winter Performance and our June Student Showcases. These events include dress rehearsals and performances. Not all classes will be performing an rehearsing for the duration of the events. 

Our December Production is a small-scale event designed to give our dancers stage experience.  The costuming is simplified with what we have in stock in our costume closet as well as do-it-yourself designs.

 Our June Production is planned as a 2-day rehearsal and a 3-show format (one show on a Friday, two shows on a Saturday).  Event formats & dates are subject to change based on performance requirements and duration. The June production will have costume fees due in October and final payments in Feb. 


Uniformed dancers allow for a better structured & disciplined classroom.  Solid color leotards & tights are required for all classes. Sports bras, bike shorts, dance shorts, or biketards are acceptable for all classes with the exception of ballet.  Leg warmers, fitted cover-ups are permitted during winter months.  Any outfit, within reason, is acceptable for tap & hip hop provided it does not interfere with movement and provides adequate coverage.  Hair MUST be pulled back for ALL CLASSES.  A bun for ballet is a must and other hairstyle such as pony tail or braids for other classes.

Intro to Dance & Pre Dance: Pink Leather Ballet shoes, Black Tap Buckle Shoes, Leotard & Tights. Please make sure your dancer's name is on the outside of their bag, and each item has their name or initials inside.

Ballet:  All ballet classes must wear a leotard & tight as well hair secured in a bun.

LEVEL 2 & Higher: Pink Ballet Tights, Black leotard, and Pink ballet shoes. Boys must wear a white t-shirt and black pants and black ballet shoes. 

DEAC's Dress Code



When signing your child up for ballet, you are signing them up for lessons in discipline & hard work; With that, comes the ballet dress code.  Although it may seem unnecessary to parents or people unfamiliar with the dance world, the ballet dress code has been around for centuries.


  • Focus & Structure
  • Mindset of learning
  • Less likely to be distracted by adjusting their clothing
  • Hair pulled back securely won’t be played with or push out of the face
  • Teacher can see and correct lines, posture, & placement.

Additional Expenses Include:

 Costume Payments for the JUNE production are divided into 2 payment installments. (Oct & Feb) The first installment is $40 per class, per costume.  The total amount for each costume can range from  $65-$90 per costume/per class TOTAL, tights & accessories included

Recital Fee of $60-$72 per student ($17- $20 per each additional dancer in family) to include show participation fee, production t-shirt, & Recital Download is due in May. Recital participation is optional but encouraged.

Solo/Duet lessons, company participation, competition fees, purchase of photographs, & merchandise are all additional costs.

Required shoes or dance apparel are additional costs.


Shoe Recommendations

Tap: Uni-Sex Black Oxfords


Jazz: Block Pulse in Tan


Jazz/Contemporary/Lyrical: Dance attire including leotards, dance shorts, & foot paws. https://www.discountdance.com/search/paws

Hip Hop: Clean bottom (inside only) shoes

Acro Dance or Tumble & Bounce: Bare Feet

Please visit www.DiscountDance.com & enter teacher code TP44059 for a dress code suggestions and shoe recommendations.

Tuition Payments are NOT all inclusive.

Inclement Weather

Due to inclement weather, DEAC reserves the right to cancel classes. Please refer to studio email, website, Facebook, & Instagram accounts for updates. 


Parking & Traffic

As you know, Babcock and Three degree are very busy road ways and our studio is busy particularly at the 4:50-6:25 hours. Give yourself time to travel to and from the studio.  If your dancer does not require assistance entering the studio, drop offs are welcome and encouraged.  Please do not park in front of the door way.  It is a danger to our dancers exiting out of the building. There is parking available across the street for parents that are coming in without children, parents that want to sit in the car, or those with older children.  A crosswalk and button for crossing is located at the intersection.  We request families limit parents and guardians to 1 per family in the studio when possible  We like our dancers and families to feel like they have space in our main lobby. The upstairs atrium is always great for our Studio 3 students and parents as well.

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