DancExplosion Arts Center

Welcome to DancExplosion Arts Center (DEAC), where the spotlight is on you! We're not just a dance studio; we're a vibrant community that celebrates the joy of movement without overshadowing the rest of your passions. Our mission is to nurture your dancer's one-of-a-kind artistic expression while fostering confidence, discipline, and a genuine love for the art. We're all about striking that perfect balance – because life is a dance, and it's meant to be enjoyed in harmony with all your other interests. Step into a world of possibilities with our diverse class offerings. From the grace of ballet to the rhythm of tap, the energy of hip hop to the fluidity of contemporary, and even the contortion and tumbling wonders of Acrobatic Arts (yes, we're certified!), our range of classes has something for everyone. Soloists, duos, trios, and those with a competitive spirit – we've got you covered too.


We believe that arts education is a journey to self-discovery. It's where self-esteem, discipline, creativity, and self-confidence take center stage. Guided by our knowledgeable dance professionals, who are not only skilled but also deeply passionate, we're here to impart these invaluable life lessons. Whether you're dreaming of a professional dance career or simply dancing your heart out for the sheer joy of it, you're part of our DEAC family. So, are you ready to step into the limelight? The world is our stage, and together, let's create a symphony of movement, passion, and the pure exhilaration of dance. Join us at DancExplosion Arts Center, where your story becomes a dance, and your dance becomes a masterpiece.

We Love Our DEAC Family



Let's Dance Together