COVID-19 Closure Response

Dear DEAC Dance Family. We have made the decision that the appropriate course of action is for our studio to CLOSE ALL GROUP classes starting Monday, March 16 through March 20 at which point we will reassess our situation due to COVID-19. Those who take solo lessons will be emailed individually.

Clarifying Tuition and Built-In Days

This week of closure will debit our extra snow days accounted for in our yearly DEAC calendar summary. In regard to tuition, there are 36 guaranteed lessons with1-2 additional built-in our calendar for snow days.

This has been a heartbreaking decision for us. Our wish was that we were able to bring normalcy to an otherwise scary time for our students.  The health and safety of our families and staff is our #1 priority.

In the end, it will be impossible to know if we made the right course of action, but it will be apparent if we under-react.  This is a scary time, but it is temporary and will pass. Please be patient with us as we prepare materials for your dancer to use at home and a solo lesson itinerary.


We will keep you updated as we get through this together.


Love and Positivity,

Amy Downs, Alexandra Tiso, and the DEAC Creative Team



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