Costume Reminders 2021


We are very excited that your child will be participating in “Dance in Color” DEAC Student Production 2021!
The following are policies regarding costume maintenance. Compliance with them will ensure that your child
has the best recital experience.

•To assure a quality fit, we have measured your child. If there is any tailoring that needs to be done, it is
the responsibility of the parent. Sizes have been ordered to best accommodate your child’s size
requirements. (Item can always be altered smaller, not larger). Do not allow your child to wear the
costume until the performance.
•Be sure your hands & child’s hands are clean when handling the costume.
•Do not consume food or drink while wearing costumes.
•Tights & other accessories are for performance only.
•Place costume hanging in a high-quality garment bag upon receipt & store in a closet to keep them protected from siblings & pets.
•To remove wrinkles, please do NOT iron. Ironing could change the color, burn the fabric, & deteriorate
the material. Steaming is a safe option.
• Each item of costuming (including footwear) must be labeled with your child’s name & CANNOT be
•Create a recital checklist for every item for every costume. Refer to the list before you leave for pictures &
performance venue.
• Apply makeup & hair before putting the costume on to keep it clean.
•If after the performance, you want the costume cleaned, check with your dry-cleaner for the best process.
Some cleaning methods can ruin the fabric & trims.

As we begin costume handout, Please note:

1. Alterations (hems, straps) may be needed & are the responsibility of the parent. Be sure to consider
the growth of the child before cutting fabric.
2. Tutus & some other fabrics cannot be ironed. Steam them!!! Check with staff if not sure.
3. Do not allow your child to play in or with the costumes.
4. Pants will require hemming. You can sew or use iron-on hem.
5. Wear tights (Included) for pictures & performances only. Level 4 and up will not be tan tights.
6. Order Shoes most cost-effectively from Use our teacher code: TP44059. Please
consider growth of child when ordering.
7. All Intro, Pre Dance, and Level 1 classes need PINK ballet shoes and BLACK tap shoes. Level 2 and
above require BLACK oxford taps, PINK ballet shoes, and BLOCH PULSE TAN jazz shoe. All Lyrical and
Contemporary classes require TAN footies.

Sizing and More:

•If you have an issue with costume sizing, do not panic. Historically, we aren’t perfect- however, we are able to adjust, alter, & at times, exchange. Email us.
•Dance Costumes are constructed to be form-fitting.
•If you received a pair of tights that you deem too big/too small, DO NOT open that package. Email us & we can exchange.
•If you are missing anything, email us.
•Please do not wait until the last min to try on costumes. The more time I have to adjust, the better!
•Costumes handout is organized by main day <ballet day> based on individual dancers this yr, not families. If you do not receive a costume or sibling costume, ask.
•Strawberry Snails order form will be sent out soon!

Covid has put a crunch on things- here is what is of note➡️

•Lyrical 1 & Hip Hop 3+4 have been reordered and will be handed out when they arrive.
•Contemporary 6 is currently stuck on a freight. I will email you as soon as I’ve reached a resolve.
•Hip Hop 5 will arrive mid-week.


The costumes for Acro Dance 2 Tuesday and Acro Dance 2 Thursday were mislabeled in our lookbook by mistake. Acro Dance 2 Tuesday has the red costume. Acro Dance 2 Thursday has the blue.
If you have any questions email us your questions to [email protected] or call 412-364-5505.

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