DEAC Picture Day 2020

DEAC Picture Day: July 27-28-29

  • Please arrive within 5 minutes of photo & come in 1st costume to be photographed
  • Limit ALL items to only what is needed for the photos
  • Be sure child has appropriate shoes, tights, & accessories for every photo taken
  • Hair & Make-up can be of your choosing.
  • Parents are NOT permitted in studio 1 when photos are taken unless indicated by staff

 Please rely on DEAC & Strawberry Snails to pose and position your child to receive the best photo possible.

View the Entire Picture Day Schedule


Due to COVID restrictions:

  • There will be no group photos for classes Level 3 and under.
  • Masks must be worn into the building.
  • Students may have 1 family member in the building during the scheduled photo time.

Please reserve questions on photo packets & prices for the representatives from Strawberry Snails.

We try our best to run a timely & efficient picture day.  Please be patient as we progress through the day and rely on our professional photographer to catch a photo that will last a lifetime!

Photos taken during picture day by Strawberry Snails will be used for DEAC Yard Signs purchases.

Yard Sign purchase is available through the EVENT link on the Parent Portal.

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